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I Was a Passenger Involved in an Accident — What Are My Rights If I Was Injured?

Auto accident claims are generally between one driver and another, probably because most people drive alone most of the time. But what happens in the very real possibility that you get hurt while riding as a passenger in a vehicle caught in an accident? Do you have the same rights to fair compensation as if you had been driving?

Filing a Claim Against Friends & Strangers Alike

You always have the right to pursue fair and maximized compensation from a liable party whenever you are wrongfully injured at no fault of your own. That is to say, if you were seated as a passenger in a vehicle that crashes and you suffer an injury, then another party most likely can be held liable for your resulting damages.

Being a passenger in a vehicle accident can put you in a bit of an awkward position, though. If your friend or family member was driving the vehicle when it crashed and they are found by investigators to be liable for the accident, then they are also liable for your injuries. You may find yourself needing to bring a claim against your good friend.

It may help to remember that you will not really be demanding money from your friend directly. Instead, you are asking their insurance company to cover your damages. Indeed, you will most likely interact with their insurance provider much more during your claim or case than your friend who was driving. It could even be possible that you are automatically provided some coverage from their insurance company, depending on the details of their coverage policy. Things only really get complicated when your damages exceed the policy limit. Of course, there is also the chance that the other driver will be found liable for the crash, and then you can take a personal claim against them as you would any other stranger who wrongfully injures you.

Guidance from an Experienced Sacramento Injury Attorney

The most challenging step in filing an injury claim after being hurt as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident is usually the first step. Get it out of the way and start down the right path to recovery by coming to Carichoff Law Group, P.C. Our Sacramento car accident lawyer can utilize 15+ years of legal experience to sort through the details of your claim, determine where liability lies, and file against the correct parties. We can even take a case to trial, if need be.

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