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Dog Bites

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer

Representation for Victims of Animal Attacks

Dog bites may result in cuts and abrasions, broken bones, crushing wounds, permanent facial scars, and even brain injury. In addition to the physical wounds, emotional trauma is common after dog attacks. If you need a dog bite attorney in Sacramento, contact the Carichoff Law Group for more than 19 years of experience and personal attention to your case.

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Potentially Dangerous & Vicious Dogs

California law provides statutory definitions of potentially dangerous and vicious dogs. These are dogs with a history of at least two unprovoked bites in the past 36 months. A dog is considered potentially dangerous if the dog has behaved in a way that resulted in the need for defensive action to prevent bodily injury or has seriously injured or killed a domestic animal. A dog is considered vicious when it inflicts serious injury or kills a person, or the dog continues to display dangerous behavior after classified as dangerous.

Dog Owner Liability

Regardless of whether a dog is classified as potentially dangerous, vicious, or has never showed an ounce of aggression, the dog owner is liable for any damages caused by the dog’s bite. This includes bites that occur in public spaces and those occurring on private property or when the victim was lawfully on private property, including the dog owner’s property. The dog owner is civilly liable for harm caused by the dog and criminal charges may be filed, in certain situations.

The person injured by a dog bite may be able to recover compensation for:vicious dog

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

If you or a loved one suffered a dog bite injury, you have two years to file a civil lawsuit or you may give up your right to seek compensation for your injury. Our Sacramento dog bite lawyer knows how to prove that the injuries sustained in an animal attack have affected the individual’s day to day life so they can obtain the compensation they deserve.

For information that is specific to your situation, we encourage you to call (916) 471-6098 for a consultation.

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